the bejeweled poet.

Each piece of jewellery we collect and the fragrances we choose tell a story. A story about who we are, where we have been, where we are going and most importantly who either joins us on our journey or remains close to our heart.

Jewellery by the bejeweled poet is handmade on the Gold Coast with quality and longevity in mind, from beautiful natural gemstones, pearls and other unique materials such as Sea Glass or vintage Tibetan prayer beads in 18 karat gold plated surgical steel.
Every piece comes in a hand stamped cotton jewellery bag and with an original poem or prose that reflects the meaning of the piece. Some pieces are hand stamped with a special inscription or design on the reverse, a secret just for the wearer (and the giver!).

Designed and handmade by the artist on the Gold Coast and produced in a studio which runs 100% off-grid utilizing solar power and filtered rain water, jewellery by the bejeweled poet. reflects the ethos to live creatively, sustainably, ethically and in harmony with nature.