Stall Holders Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can apply to trade at the markets?

    BrisStyle welcomes all creators of local handmade to further enrich the award winning BrisStyle Market experience. Whether as a BrisStyle Member, External Marketeer, Sponsoring an event or promoting a Creative Organisation, it’s a fabulous opportunity to be supported and celebrated by one of the most vibrant creative communities in Australia.

  • Do I need to become a BrisStyle Member to apply for the Markets?

    No, however becoming a BrisStyle Member connects you with a host of like-minded creatives to support and share your artistic passions. Market-wise, financial members of BrisStyle automatically receive a discount on all stall fees.

    CHECK OUT All the benefits of BrisStyle Membership and APPLY for BrisStyle Membership today! 

  • Can I trade at your markets if I don’t actually live in Brisbane itself?

    Yes, as long as you live in the BrisStyle Membership area, which encompasses all of Queensland and Northern NSW.

    Our aim is to showcase all local creatives who produce distinctive contemporary local handmade, alongside those who are skilled in traditional arts and crafts.

    All wares sold at the markets must be made in this local area and be of the highest quality and reflect the signature style of each artisan. This process is selective therefore all applications must be accompanied by high quality photos or link(s) to online examples of the work you intend to sell at the markets.

  • Can I sponsor your events?

    Yes.We’re always looking to forge new partnerships. Please email to find out more information.

  • Can I sell pre-packaged handmade artisan food at the BrisStyle Markets?

    Yes, we’re always looking for the best pre-packaged handmade foodies to sell their wares. This process is selective therefore all applications must be accompanied by high quality photos or link(s) to online examples of the work you intend to sell at the markets.

  • Can I have a stall to promote my creative not for profit group?

    Yes. When available we try and offer free space to like-minded not-for-profit groups, please email to find out more information.

  • I am a franchisee can I sell my work at the markets?

    No. The selling of franchised wares is not permissible at any BrisStyle Market.

  • I curate/am part of a collective of artists who operate under one label. Are we able to have a BrisStyle Inc. membership and/or participate in your markets?

    No. Our membership is open to individuals and partnerships operating under one label because we define handmade as an item made by and/or designed solely by the seller.  Each individual or partnership has ownership over the items that they design and/or make. Items made by a collective are made by many different individuals which does not fit within our handmade policy.

  • I design my own wares but have them made offshore can I sell them at the markets?

    No, 75% of each completed product must be produced locally by the Marketeer.

  • I make jewellery made completely from commercial components. Can I sell these at the BMs?

    Commercial embellishment components are permitted; however finished items using two commercially made jewellery components such as a commercially made pendant strung on a commercially made chain is not permissible. To turn this coupling into a permissible product, the marketeer must add further embellishments that reflect their signature style and assemble the chain themselves.  

  • Can I have an information stall where I sell services such as make up artistry or workshops?

    Services may not be sold at the markets without prior arrangement. BrisStyle may at times invite groups or individuals to offer craft related services at their stall.

  • What markets can I apply for?

    IMPORTANT:: Applying For December Christmas Markets BrisStyle welcomes all marketeers to apply for November/December Christmas Markets however; priority will be given to those who have held BrisStyle Membership for 3 months or more at the time of application.

  • How much is it to have a stall at the Markets?

    You can see all our 2024 Market stall prices HERE

    All prices are inc GST unless stated otherwise.

    Upon being accepted you will be sent an invoice for payment. 

  • How do I apply?

    Applications for all the BMs are done online via the BrisStyle Website . Simply look under the Markets and Events Tab for the market date you wish to apply for. 

    Applying is easy just follow these 5 simple steps: 

    1. Check the 2024 BrisStyle Market Application Calendar for the opening dates.
    2. Read the Policies and Procedures
    3. Make sure you are familiar with our cancellation policy
    4. Read the Risk Assessment documents for the relevant BrisStyle Market (found in the application form
    5. As the process is selective you will need to have images or links to your work ready to submit with your application.
    6. On the day the applications open, apply via the BrisStyle website, look for the relevant Market Date to submit your form.

    Before you apply:

    • All items must be handmade by the individual member/partnership.
    • 75% of each completed product must be produced locally by the member/partnership.
    • Products must be of high quality and meet relevant safety standards.
    • Your products must be unique and display your signature style.
    • If you don’t have an online presence you must provide 1 product image per category with your application.

    Additional Information:

    • For all BrisStyle Markets, you will need to supply your own tables and displays and in the case of the Brisbane Twilight Market, your own battery-operated lighting (unless otherwise stated) & Marquees with weights.
    • If required, all musicians will be by invitation only.
  • When can I apply for the markets?

    The 2024 BrisStyle Market Application Calendar has all the dates for when to apply for each market.

    Application form are on the Website. 

  • What happens if I miss the cut off date?

    Applications are open for 3 weeks and once closed if any spaces are available, a second round offer may be made. You can email to be added to the waitlist for a particular date.

    Sign up for our eNewsletter and keep an eye on our social media for updates.

  • What happens if I submit my form before the opening date?

    Each application is time marked therefore any applications that are submitted before the given time or date, will render your preferences ineligible and you will immediately go onto the wait-list for that particular event.    

  • When will my payment be due once I apply for the markets?

    2024 BrisStyle Market Application Calendar has all the dates for when payments are due.

    Top Tip: Download the calendar and mark the dates in your diary.

  • What kind of images do I need to submit?

    We just ask for links to your Social Media or Website to have a look at your work, If you don't have an online presence please send images to once you complete your application

  • Can you explain what the term “signature style” means?

    A signature style is one that is uniquely your own and not a direct copy of someone else’s work. It can be derivative of a classic / traditional style or contemporary trend however, it must have distinct features which make it recognisable as your own brand.

  • What happens if my work is not up to standard?

    If your work is not up to standard you will be notified via email of your ineligibility. You will be encouraged at this time to request feedback in order to ensure your success in future applications. 

  • How can I improve my photography, visual merchandising and other business skills?

    BrisStyle’s Creative Business Development Program offers creative development skills for all members. You can book into future sessions to further refine your skills.

  • How are sites allocated?

    Applicants, who meet all the criteria, will be allocated sites on a first in, first served basis per the order applications are received. Financial members of BrisStyle Inc. will automatically receive site priority over External Marketeers. 

  • Can I have the same site every Market?

    Where possible we try and facilitate your request for a site next too near/another site. Only book and save participants may select a specific site number (this option is available to BrisStyle members only).

  • Can I share a stall with another Marketeer?

    We offer shared stalls at the Twilight Market only.  You may share your space with one other marketeer only. You will both need to apply separately. 

    For other markets, you can request to be neighbours. 

    You must ensure that your displays complement one another and be of the highest standards.

  • When will I be notified if I’ve been successful?

    The 2024 BrisStyle Market Application Calendar has all the dates for when your application will be confirmed for each market. NB: Your site will only be secured once your fees have been paid into the BrisStyle account by the due date. 

  • What happens if I have to pull out – will I get a refund?

    Please note all events are finalised at least 14 days prior to each event. No refunds will be issued less than 14 days prior to any actual market date. If you decide not to trade after the 14-day period or on the day for such reason as inclement weather, no refund will be issued.

  • If I hire a table or marquee and the market is relocated to an undercover area am I entitled to a refund?

    No refunds will be issued for equipment hire less than 14 days prior to any actual market date. Should any scheduled outdoor BrisStyle market or event be relocated to an undercover area, refunds will not be issued for equipment hire.

  • Can I on-sell my site if I am unable to participate?

    No. Unfortunately you are unable to on-sell your site. Please contact if you are unable to attend a market.

  • How will our customers hear about the Markets?

    We spread the word via targeted online sites, local papers, magazines and social networks.

    Our most effective form of marketing, however, has come through the combined efforts of all the marketeers so we encourage you to spread the word through all of your networks too.

  • Do I need Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

    YES, Marketeers must provide BrisStyle a copy of their current certificate of currency of their own Public and Products Liability Cover (PPL) and with a limit no less than $10 million.

  • Where can I get PLI?
  • Do I need EFT/Credit Card facilities?

    No. Obtaining these facilities is at the discretion of each marketeer depending on their business needs.  ATM’s are conveniently located across the road from each market location so your customers won’t have far to travel should they need extra funds. We do recommend if you are a regular marketer you look into with a Square or PayPal EFT solution for your customers. 

  • Do I need an ABN?

    You won’t need an ABN to be a marketeer, however Queensland laws require that all businesses have an Australian Registered Business Name (ARBN) if you are not trading under your own personal name. Please make your own enquiries to the relevant authorities, regarding your particular situation.

  • Do I need my own equipment?

    Yes. All stallholders will need to supply their own marquee, sandbags/weights as well as their own tables, chairs and battery-powered lighting.

    A limited amount of Marquees with weights are available for hire from $80 inc GST as operational requirements permit. 

  • Are there any restrictions on how my stall is set up?

    You must set up your stall with concern for public safety, as well as beauty, function, and your own signature style. How and where you place your tables and display equipment within your given stall boundaries will be of your own design.

  • What kind of Marquee should I be using?

    We recommend that you use a marquee that is weatherproof, durable and easy to erect by one person.  Affordable marquees are readily available at all good camping outlets.

  • Can I hire a Marquee from BrisStyle?

    Yes. If operational requirements permit, there may be the option to hire marquees from $80 inc GST, Marquee Hire includes weights. If required, please email once accepted.

  • What kind of weather protection is recommended?

    You must supply adequate weather protection for yourself during set up as well as whilst trading. Walls and tarps/plastic covers are highly recommended in wet weather conditions and must be secured when in place.

  • What happens if it’s raining?

    You can find all the details about BrisStyle’s wet weather plans pertaining to each BM in the Event Information Handbook.

  • What kind of Marquee weights are the best to use and how many will I need?

    You must supply 4x 15kg+ high quality weights and they must be securely fitted to every leg of your Marquee. You will also need weights for all freestanding display items including racks and ensure that they are secured and weighted.

    We Highly recommend you invest in some heavy duty steel marquee weights. Although if using sandbags, marketeers find that the best sandbags to use are those with Velcro straps, which are found at all good camping outlets. If you are using plastic 'water' weights, we recommend filling with rocks or concrete as the water alone is not heavy enough to properly secure your marquee. 

  • What is the best battery operated lighting to use and where can I find some?

    We recommend speaking to other stallholders. But the most popular are the Battery Arlec worklights from Bunnings. 

    They come in a 20w and 30w version. Easy to hang and hold a charge well. Minimum 2 for your stall. 

  • What is the procedure for unloading and parking at King George Square for the BTM?

    We offer a select time slot to drive onto the square and unload. 
    You need to arrive at your dedicated bump in time to gain access.

    Once unloaded you exit the square to park, then come back to set up your stall. 

  • 2024 Market Policy And Procedures

    Please carefully read the 2024 Market Policy And Procedures to answer any further questions you may have.

  • I have so many more questions what should I do?

    Take the time to re-read all the links and if you are still stuck please then email us!

    For markets email

    For membership email

    Anything else email