Membership Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't have an Etsy shop. Can I join?

    Yes. Having an Etsy shop is no longer a requirement of BrisStyle Inc. Membership.  It is however encouraged to enjoy the full benefits of your membership.

  • How long will it take for my application to be approved?

    Once received, applications are reviewed by our Memberships co-ordinator and then forwarded to our Committee for approval.  This process usually takes no longer than 10-14 days.

  • How much does Membership cost?

    BrisStyle Inc. Membership costs $99 (inc GST) per year and is renewable each July.

    Benefits include one BrisStyle Google Groups Forum and Facebook Group access, one BrisStyle website Members Profile (business or personal) and all other current benefits as listed on our memberships page.

  • What will I get out of BrisStyle Membership?

    All the benefits of BrisStyle Inc. membership are outlined on our Membership page.

  • We're a community/charity group. Can we join?

    No. You're most welcome to become members of BrisStyle Inc. individually, however, our membership criteria does not support group memberships.

  • I curate/am part of a collective of artists who operate under one label. Are we able to have a BrisStyle Inc. membership and participate in your markets?
    Our membership is open to individuals and partnerships operating under one label because we define handmade as an item made by and/or designed solely by the seller.  Each individual or partnership has ownership over the items that they design and/or make. Items made by a collective are made by many different individuals which does not fit within our handmade policy.
  • My friend and I make all our crafty items together. Can we join?

    Yes.  We'd love you and your friend to join and BrisStyle membership is aimed at crafters and makers just like you. Our memberships entitle partners under the one Business label to have BrisStyle membership and all correspondence will be sent to one main email contact. Please contact us should more than one partner wish to receive correspondence.

  • I sell vintage goods. Can I join?

    Yes. You are welcome to join BrisStyle however you will not be able to sell your vintage items at our Markets except for our BrisStyle Bazaar Market or HQ Pop Ip Markets.

  • I'm not a crafter/artist/designer/artisan. Can I join?

    Yes, you can if you wish, however BrisStyle Membership is directed at crafters, artists, designers and artisans, all benefits of Membership relate to these types of people.

  • I'm a hobbyist and don't sell online, nor have I ever sold at a market. Can I join?

    Yes absolutely.  BrisStyle aims to provide opportunities and support to individual crafters, artists, designers and artisans irrespective of the scale of their business/hobby.

  • As a member of BrisStyle, will I be required to participate in BrisStyle Markets and Events?

    No, participation is not compulsory - You are not required to participate in any BrisStyle Markets and Events. You will still benefit from your membership should you choose not to partake in these events. Although as a BrisStyle Member you will receive 20% off all Market fees as well as priority placement over External Marketeers.

  • As a member of BrisStyle, am I able to participate in non-BrisStyle Markets and Events?

    Yes. Lots of our Members are very active in the Brisbane market scene as well as participants in exhibitions and other local and interstate events.

  • I really want to apply for the next BrisStyle market. How do I apply?

    When your Membership fee is received you will be granted access to the 'members only' section of our website as well as provided with a copy of our Membership Handbook.  You can then apply for all BrisStyle Markets that are open via the 'members only' section.  Please note that BrisStyle Membership does not give you automatic entry to our markets.  Each event has it's own set of criteria which must be met.


    We do encourage all Members to apply for the December markets, however priority will be given to those who have been financial for 3 months prior to the applications opening.

    If spaces are available after applications close, we will first offer them to the Members on the wait list with 3 month priority and then to any new Members after that. 

    Regardless of Membership duration, all successful December Market applicants will need to meet the relevant criteria for each event to be accepted. 

  • Where do I get more information about the BrisStyle Markets?

    Find out all about’ Becoming a Marketeer here.

  • As a Member of BrisStyle will I be required to attend BrisStyle Member catch-ups and functions?

    No. It is not a requirement of membership but it is encouraged. One of the best aspects of BrisStyle Membership is the friendships that are forged with like-minded creative folk.

  • I live outside of the greater Brisbane area. Can I join?

    Yes you can. Our memberships are open to individuals residing in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

  • I live in remote Queensland. What are the benefits of joining BrisStyle given that I'm so far away from markets and events?

    BrisStyle Membership offers so much more than the ability to participate in our markets and events. For all the details, check out the membership page of our website.

  • Why do I need to join the BrisStyle Google Groups Forum?

    The BrisStyle Forum is an online meeting place to catch up with other members and stay up-to-date with the latest news. It's important too if you're hoping to participate in markets and events, as all relevant information including application reminders will be posted there. The forum is also a great place for support to help further build on the creative development of your business.

  • I'm keen to meet other crafters/artists/artisans/designers. How will my BrisStyle Membership enable me to do this?

    BrisStyle holds regular catch-ups to enable our Members to connect ‘in real life'. We also have a very active online forum which allows our members 24/7 access to other members to gain and provide information, support, friendship and open discussion.

  • I'm not really into computers. Do I need regular Internet access to become a member of BrisStyle?

    You will need an active email address to receive correspondence from BrisStyle in relation to Market applications and other events as well as to keep up to date.