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BrisStyle welcomes all makers of local handmade products to further enrich the award winning BrisStyle Market experience. Whether as a BrisStyle member, External marketeer, Sponsoring an event or promoting a Creative organisation, it's a fabulous opportunity to be supported and celebrated by one of the most vibrant creative communities in Australia.

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Whether you are an emerging or established local crafter or artisan, these markets offer the perfect arena to promote your business as well as connect you with like-minded creatives.

Although we encourage a fun atmosphere at our markets, we take all aspects from applying, right through to ensuring a high level of stall and product presentation, very seriously.

All wares sold at the markets need to be of the highest handmade quality and reflect the signature style of each participant. 

BrisStyle Member Marketeers
External Marketeer Benefits

BrisStyle Member Marketeers

Becoming a BrisStyle Member connects you with a host of likeminded creatives to support and share your artistic passions. Market-wise, financial members of BrisStyle receive a discount on all stall fees.

{BrisStyle MEMBER BENEFITS} As a Member you get a whole lot of BrisStyle community support including:

{GET PRIORITY} First priority at all of the BrisStyle crafty events

{GET DISCOUNTS} Save on all our crafty happenings including a discount on Market Site Fees 

{GET SOCIAL} Connect with the largest online creative community in Queensland

{GET NOTICED} Be showcased with your own profile on the BrisStyle Website 

{GET THE ETSY ADVANTAGE}Additional benefits for Members who are Etsy sellers

{CHECK OUT} All the benefits of BrisStyle Membership 

{APPLY} For BrisStyle Membership today

External Marketeer Benefits

  • Exposure to a dedicated handmade loving audience to create new fans and followers, future online sales, wholesale/consignment opportunities and media exposure.
  • Connection with the greater Brisbane creative community
  • Gain new members for your guilds or group.

HANDMAKERS:  Our aim is to showcase creatives who produce distinctive contemporary local handmade, alongside those who are skilled in traditional arts and crafts. All wares sold at the markets must be of the highest quality, reflect the signature style of each artisan and be made in Queensland or Northern NSW. SITE FEES: Stallholder FAQ's

FOOD ARTISANS: The greater Brisbane region is home to some of Australia’s best handmade food artisans so we’re always looking for local food vendors to showcase. All food sold at the markets must be of the highest quality, reflect the signature style of each artisan and be made in Queensland or Northern NSW. SITE FEES: Stallholder FAQ's

SPONSORSHIP: We couldn’t host our markets without the generous support from our dedicated sponsors. We’re always looking to forge new partnerships so please email to find out more information!  

CREATIVE NOT-FOR-PROFITS: To help strengthen and support our local creative community, we always try and offer promotional opportunities to local creative not-for-profits so that they can promote their guilds, groups and organisations. APPLY NOW and we’ll be in touch if you’re a good fit.

BEFORE YOU APPLY please read the following documents: 

* Mandatory documents you will be signing off on to say you have read and understood on your event application


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