Hi there, welcome to Scentimental.

My name is Trace, Scentimental is my after-work escape reality creative project, which now I can't hide it from anyone anymore because it has so much to offer! My main focus right now is creating a new alternative to the traditional diffuser.

Let me introduce you - the aroma stone. A scent diffuser that is reusable, sustainable and portable.

The idea comes from my belief that everyone has their own scent which tells the story of someone, or builds the atmosphere of the surroundings. I love using candles and diffusers, but I always face the problem of them finishing so quickly and the boring designs! UGH!

I want something that can blend in and match with my other decorations. But I just can't find it. So here I am, taking things into my own hands.

After months of experiments, I finally found the right balance that tick off all the boxes. All aroma stones are handmade by me, not one will be the same.

All you need is water and essential oil, as simple as that. You will have to top it up with essential oil fortnightly, but other than that, aroma stone will last for a long time!

I am continuously working behind the scenes to bring out more designs and options. If you would like to follow my journey, follow me on Instagram, or subscribe to the newsletter!