Mulboo is an online clothing & gifts shop where we take pride in offering exclusive, high-quality products that are simultaneously trendy and unique. Passionate about creating funky visual stuff. What I do is all Individually handcrafted. Sometimes I need a little help but mostly it’s me running the show. Each piece I create is a journey of discovery, all the time celebrating vibrant colour while ensuring that each piece is uniquely imperfect. It’s always exciting to see the end result. The Mulboo brand is perfectly suited to combine stylishness with creativity. We hope that you’ll browse our products and feel the good vibes that each item is infused with.

My work includes hand dyed/hand patterned scarves and clothing, small run comfort clothing, digital art, art tile gift cards and beautifully vibrant earthy boho jewellery (I use stainless steel in all my jewellery to address any possible allergy issues)