Kian Art Studio

My name is Mahsa and I am originally from Iran. I migrated to Australia more than 10 years ago. I hold a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and currently working in the Industry.
I grew up in an artistic family.
After I migrated to Australia, I decided to start learning new art techniques. Initially I worked with colour pencils, then in 2018 I started experiencing different visual arts with the use of different media such as mosaic crafting, watercolour and acrylic painting, alcohol ink, polymer clay and resin art for jewellery making. I continue to learn my craft while developing my own unique style and language.
The inspiration for my art comes from using different colours and textures as well as my desire to share my feelings and experiences with other people. I have also mixed traditional Persian patterns and techniques with Western modern art in order to make a connection with my culture and appeal to an Australian audience.
I established Kian Art Studio in 2019 to make a channel to communicate with my valued customers who are interested in my unique Jewelleries and Crafts.