I make and sell earrings and accessories made from textile medium such as doilies or fabric. Im very much into reusing, repurposing and being as sustainable as possible. My work is about creating fun, vibrant and different earrings, brooches and keychains than the norm. I repurpose doily cloths into earrings by painting and stiffening them. I also sew fabric feathers that I make into earrings and keychains and necklaces. I create these pieces and sell them because it fulfils me as a person and provides an income for me, allowing me the freedom to support my family.

I really enjoy working with textiles. I do also crochet and use fabric paints. All of my earrings are bright, bold and very colourful. The name Jhoomka means “trinkets” and I fell in love with the amazing work of Asia when travelling overseas and I tend to create lots of bright colours in line with that.