Esther Lian Jewellery

I have always loved being creative, it keeps me sane being able to complete a task and have it remain completed - as any mum with young kids will understand! I have 3 boys and have enjoyed being a stay at home mum - looking after them is my number one priority and being able to create and make jewellery whilst being able to do that has been amazing :) I am blessed to have a husband who works full-time in order for me to be able to do this!! I get inspiration from everything and it's always a case of too many ideas, not enough time to act on them ;) I make and do everything by myself so am constantly trying to find time to do what I love whilst juggling the demands of life with school kids and one still at home. I am big on reusing packaging materials and buying eco-friendly when making new purchases for packaging and also like to avoid plastic by wrapping in coloured paper. My style has evolved over the last year and I think it currently can be described as being "bright, simple, everyday accessories to easily complement your wardrobe". I love being able to produce fun, patterned and bright accessories as well as ones that will match more than one outfit!