Duchess of Sweet

We are a Brisbane based female-led company that’s on a mission to be uncompromising about what women deserve: joy, nourishment, choice and chocolate.

Everything we create is handmade, in small batches from the highest quality ingredients making beautifully packaged gifts. We roast our own nuts, we whip our own marshmallows, we pour our own jelly and use only the finest quality Belgian chocolate. No one can make rocky road like we can make it.

We’re called the Duchess of Sweet because we’re inspired by the duchesses of the past who used their power to pioneer, break rules and make history. We’re changing minds one bite at a time.

Lucy was unhappy with her career and fed up with crappy chocolate so she crafted a diabolical plan. She took the ultimate leap of faith to follow her lifelong dreams of creating an artisan confectionery company, whilst lifting up the women around her.

We’re carving a new path to create the world we want to live in. We strive for: sustainability, ethically sourced products, a focus on wellbeing and a space for women to put themselves first.