Box and Ho Pottery

Box and Ho Pottery is a Brisbane-based artisanal pottery enterprise founded by two sisters, Annie and Debbie, originally from Taiwan. Our specialty lies in creating functional tableware, including cups and mugs, bowls and plates, teapots and vases, and more, all thoughtfully handcrafted in a small workspace within their home-based studio.
The mission of Box & Ho Pottery is to offer the public and customers uniquely crafted, high-quality ceramic artworks. Our journey into pottery began as a hobby around 2015 and subsequently evolved into a full-fledged business in late 2020. Our creations draw inspiration from their deep connection to nature, friends and family, their daily lives, and the practicality of home living.
We pride ourselves on the commitment to the entire crafting process, from raw clay blocks to the final polished product, all crafted in its home-based workspace in Ashgrove, soon to be relocated to a new studio in The Gap. Our creative process also includes firing our pieces of work in our own electric kiln, which facilitates experimentation with glazes and various pottery techniques.
At the core of the Box & Ho Pottery brand is the aspiration to infuse a spirit of uniqueness into everyday life. Through their dedication to craftsmanship and their distinctive approach to ceramics, Annie and Debbie aim to bring their artistry to the homes and lives of their customers.