About BrisStyle...

BrisStyle Inc. is a not for profit incorporated association of artists and crafters who call the Brisbane area and northern NSW home.

The group formed in March 2008 through a shared love of creating beautiful things, which members sell on the biggest global marketplace for everything handmade Etsy.com. Since then the group has significantly blossomed and is a happy family for those who understand that little shiver of excitement that comes from producing handmade goods.

Although BrisStyle membership criteria no longer requires you to have an active Etsy store, we are still Brisbane's premier ETSY Street Team and we strongly encourage those looking to sell their wares online to have an Etsy Store.

Along with being able to shop online 24/7 with these amazing artisans you can also have the unique opportunity to come along to all the fabulous BrisStyle Markets and Events to meet the makers behind the creations you have come to know and love.

Within this website you will find all the information you will need to get the full BrisStyle experience whether you are a passionate lover of handmade or a talented artist wanting to join in all the fun as a member.

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