Meet the Team!

Like all not for profit groups we have a dedicated staff team and volunteer committee who work behind the scenes to keep BrisStyle running and put all the members thoughts and ideas into action. "Approachable" is our middle name so please take the time to get to know us here and we look forward to meeting you in person at all of our markets and events real soon!

BrisStyle Avatar Belinda
Belinda Harris
Operations Manager

Coming from a background of Retail, Membership Services and then moving on to a Sales Administrator role, Belinda Harris excels at keeping the BrisStyle HQ humming along. When not organising PR and advertising or facilitating workshops, Bel is busy chasing after her 2 young boys or you can find her baking up some delicious treats or crafting up a storm using skills taught to her by her late Nan Beryl.

You can contact Belinda for all BrisStyle enquiries at

BrisStyle Avatar Eleanor
Eleanor Miller
Events Manager

Eleanor decided to overcompensate for her personal lack of organisation by organising events for a living.

Coming from a background in technical production for some of Australia's largest music festivals, Eleanor has always loved crafting in her spare time, so BrisStyle is the perfect opportunity to marry her hobby & her career into one giant passion.

You can contact Eleanor for all Event enquiries at

BrisStyle Avatar Kate
Kate Jefferay
Membership Coordinator

Kate Jefferay is a textile artist and craft educator who has a small, crafty business called My Aunty Anna. Kate facilitates the creation of community through craft via workshops and communal art projects, whilst her art practice focuses on reproducing traditional crafts on a large scale and in unexpected places - such as large weaving looms on the grass, or a Knitting Nancy the size of a table. Kate has a long association with BrisStyle - initially as a visitor to markets, then as a member and stall holder, and now as the membership co-ordinator.

For any membership enquires, you can contact Kate at