Zillpa... An interesting name you say? Well when I was dreaming up names for my business I started going through the family tree to see if there was anything that jumped out at me. I came across my Great Aunt’s name… Zilpha. Then with some further digging into the family tree I discovered that the name Zilpha had been given to the eldest daughter in each generation as far back as we can go! It only stopped in my dad’s generation as there weren't any daughters. So I leapt at the chance to bring the name back into our family, only I slightly changed the spelling from Zilpha to Zillpa.

Zillpa’s current range includes accessories and homewares made using 100% cotton rope, which I sew together on my industrial sewing machine. All my products are designed and created by me in my little studio on Brisbane’s southside. You can find my products online at my etsy store and at various markets around Brisbane. I also love to create custom orders so if you have an idea for something special please pop me an email  (clare@zillpa.com)


p.s. you can find me on instagram as well.... @zillpa