Wild Woolly Heads

The inspiration behind Wild Woolly Heads was to create something very cool, totally eco-friendly and sustainable that showcased Dianne’s and Annette’s love of animals. The sisters take inspiration from the 100% Australian and New Zealand wools that they dye, blend and manipulate to create the animals.

Whether the look is nature like or artistic, each Wild Woolly Head is unique and original due to the natural fibres used. Woven into each animal are strong elements of art; colour, texture, form, shape. Each piece has a powerful presence, illuminated with a soft, playful personality.

Wild Woolly Dogs custom made miniature replicas of your dog.

Memorialise your dog with a lifelike miniature replica.

Hand made using needle felting techniques and natural wool. Wild Woolly Dogs are soft and cuddly and made to look just like your dog, for you to hold and remember forever.

Wild Woolly Dogs are made by talented fibre artists sister act Dianne and Annette. Each Wild Woolly Dog is custom made for you.

Working from photos Dianne and Annette will re-create the colours and characteristics of your dog.