Timber Dimensions

I started my journey into woodworking and furniture making by attending local markets selling timber bathmats, potato and onion boxes and various items of home wares and furniture such as small coffee tables and bookcases. I am mostly self taught, driven by a passion for beautiful forms well constructed. Accurate, delicate but strong joinery done in a traditional fashion is the keystone of my work. 

These days I love to make items of furniture that are unique and have lasting style and value, as well as making living easier. Traditional construction is my focus often using hand tools. Quality craftsmanship drives my artistic flair and design philosophies. I want my pieces to last generations, so I build with that in mind. I take the time to ensure that grain matches are harmonious and flow naturally through each and every piece that I build.

I despise waste and as such like to make items from materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. My Book Birds and some of my jewellery are good examples of this. Otherwise I use sustainably sourced materials, and sometimes, I use materials which are not traditionally used in the furniture construction process to create items that have a quite unique feel and flavour.