I am Swedish originally, but have been living here in beautiful Brisbane for 19 years. I have always been busy with my hands and love creating things, especially Origami creations and colourful crochet.

Examples of my handmade wares are, crane, heart, butterfly and horse earrings. All made with sterling silver hooks. Some have silver findings and also semi precious stones added to them. I like the keep the feel of the paper as authentic as possible, and try not to use too much lacker on them. This also depends on how fragile the creation is, but l do believe, natural is better. It is a dainty addition to your jewellery box and should be treated delicately.

 I also frame origami animals in different frames, can be made to order. The mobiles l create are usually simple, made out of Japanese origami paper or even recycled junk mail/yellow pages etc. They are usually single strand and the strand is made of hemp or cotton.

Another thing l like to make is crochet toadstools, big and small. Other Amigurumi (Japanese crochet) and very colourful mandalas. Colour rules my world and the more the better, but l can also show restraint if needed, l love putting colours together and watch my crochet piece turn in to something special.

If you have any queries or wishes, please email me or message me on my Facebook page and l will get right back to you.