Take Two

My business is called "taketwo homewares", which reflects my theatre/film love as well as my obsession with recycling/up-cycling/re-purposing materials to give them a second life. 'taketwo' is still evolving, but my current passion is creating cake stands and food platters from discarded materials found in op shops, garage sales and even the local dump.

Every piece is unique and lovingly created.

What's special about each of my wares?

The uniqueness of each piece...the re-purposing of materials...and the actual structure of each finished piece.

Most commercial cake stands are held together through a central rod but the centre pieces of my work are and integral part of the design and create one piece that is amazingly strong. Each piece is a new and unexpected variation to existing products.

This is my signature style and makes pieces easily recognizable as mine.

Special occasions are always special but you can make them even more memorable with one of my unique pieces to help you celebrate. I love making people feel happy and at 'taketwo homewares' each piece is a little bit of me sharing something of myself with you and creating a sense of fun.

fabulously fun affordable fun

handmade with passion




custom orders created with pleasure