Soap Cult

Discover for yourself, Soap Cult Australia's range of handcrafted, plant based body and facial soap. Pamper your skin with our eco-friendly gentle bars that rinse off cleanly, revealing beautifully cleansed and moisturised skin. Washing your hands more these days? Try a Soap Cult devotee tip by taking a few moments to breath mindfully, unwind and inhale our relaxing aromas while you wash. Proudly made in Brisbane Australia, our small-batch bars are made with love and individually hand-wrapped and labeled, making them the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. Established in 2010 under the name Sailor Mouth Soaps, for over ten years, we've stayed true to our ethical roots. We only create products that are palm-oil free, vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable, and earth-friendly at all times. Our vision is to create a solid soap revolution, so we've eliminated unnecessary packaging: no bottles or jars in sight. Only easily compostable, biodegradable plastic-free films. If your passion is to live a zero-waste lifestyle, you'll love opening your order because instead of unnecessary plastic waste, you'll be greeted with corn-based packaging peanuts that dissolve in water, biodegradable wraps, soy-based ink, and recycled paper welcome cards that you won't want to throw away.