Small World Dreams

Small World Dreams is a brand that focuses on providing sustainable accessories that are functional and beautiful enough for everyday use. Sewing and creating beautiful gifts has always been with me. It comes from my grandmother, who loved to sew and was very thrifty (she had to be in the 1940's). I developed a love and a passion for sewing at an early age, but I did not fully put this passion to full use until a few years ago; this has lead to quitting my day-job in order to pursue my handmade dream.

My items are inspired by way in which we live our lives, colours, quality vintage accessories. We are a family that loves to recycle, grow our own vegies and try live sustainably. We live in a world that is constantly producing and using our natural resources, so anything that I can recycle or reuse is always at the forefront of my mind and my inspiration.

My bags and clutches are made using all forms of re-purposed fabric and leather, especially vintage linens, but, with this in mind you know that the bag or clutch you purchase from Small World Dreams has been sustainably made with quality vintage and re-purposed fabrics and leather.