Sinead Buckney

Sinead Buckney is a Goldsmith who has been designing and making jewellery for over 10 years, after studying jewellery design in her home country of Scotland.

Sinead is back in Australia after living in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for several years and moved to Brisbane early 2019.

 Intricate linear designs show the influences of her Scottish upbringing and time living in Asia.  Her pieces appeal to the wandering soul, reminding them of fond travel memories. 

Sinead has always been passionate about the environment and living within our means, reflected through the business, emphasising durable quality pieces of jewellery that suits your lifestyle.  Repairing what we have and giving new life to unworn pieces is a passion of Sinead's.  She is always happy to offer advice regarding repairing items and the pros and cons of different designs.  She believes in buying less but buying well and looking after what we have.  Pieces can always be returned for repairs and checks.

Custom orders and commissions are my speciality so talk to me about your ideas today!