PLOYS, is a Profit for Purpose business of recycling and reusing punctured pool toy inflatables and turning these into unique bags and purses through a ‘PLOY’: a cunning action of transforming PVC plastic waste, into new product.
PLOYS’ mission is to reduce plastic waste through recycling pool toys via a circular loop, of repurposing PVC and bringing it back into society into a new form, versus creating waste. PLOYS equals POOLTOYS through recycling and reducing plastic waste!
PLOYS started in January 2020 in Bargara, Queensland, by husband and wife team Carin and Gerhard, who in their own backyard had punctured pool inflatables and found it literally a waste to throw these away. Carin designs, cleans, cuts and sews the recycled PVC materials into bags and purses.Gerhard manages the website and postage & handling of orders. Being environmentally focussed, prompted them to repurpose plastics into a useful practical product, motivated by the knowledge that it takes up to 1000 years for soft PVC to disintegrate ( 2020). This also indicates that PVC is a durable product ideal to be transformed into something new. The alternative of creating waste just isn’t acceptable.
Starting with the design and manufacturing of pencil cases, PLOYS quickly grew in making a variety of recycled merchandise, such as a tote and messenger bags and purses, iPad and laptop cases and protective water resistant bags to maximise the unique waterproof qualities of pool inflatables. PLOYS has recycling points in Queensland, NSW and in Northern Territory and have Eco followers who post their punctured PVC to us in Bargara.
All products are made locally by Carin in Australia from recycled pool inflatables and similar pvc waste products, each one uniquely handmade.
Please support PLOYS by recycling pool inflatables and purchasing our unique bags and purses made from recycled PVC, as a symbol of your reduce reuse recycle commitment supporting a circular economy.