Papadore Illustrations

Hi there, I'm Ali, a Brisbane-based pet portrait and wildlife artist, and the creator and founder of Papadore Illustrations. Papadore grew from a love of art and nature that started when I was a small child. I can't remember when I first started to draw, it was just something I always did. Growing up in Brisbane with parents who were enthusiastic campers meant that I spent a great deal of time exploring the natural beauty of South-East QLD. I loved it, and my appreciation for nature and animals grew until it became the soul focus of my artwork.

When I was in University, studying Zoology, my friends and family finally convinced me to open an Etsy shop. Through this online store, Instagram, and local handmade markets, I grew Papadore from a hobby into the small side-hustle it is today.
Within Papadore I have two main avenues of work. Firstly, I create illustrations of animals, especially Australia’s native fauna, which I sell as original artworks, art prints, and cards. Recently I have ventured into printing my illustrations on tea towels at a local Brisbane fabric printer. I sell these tea towels, art prints, and cards in both my Etsy shop and at a local handmade market.
The second avenue of work in Papadore is creating custom pet portraits. I love being able to capture a beloved pet, with its distinct quirky personality, as a treasured keepsake for its owner.

My background in Zoology, along with a lifetime of dedication to drawing animals has enabled a distinctive style and perspective in my illustrations. Using coloured pencils, I draw with technical detail that is true to life, but create a unique twist by adding elements of expression or movement in an effort to capture the whimsical beauty I see in the fauna and flora that inspire me.