Nordic Luxe

Originally, I’m from Finland and I have been down under for almost 6 years. I love the country I now call home but I also love my home country, so I started Nordic Luxe to bring a piece of my roots here. Homesickness just means you have come from a happy home, so I have come to bring some of the best that Finland has to offer, so we can share in that happiness.

Nordic luxe features a range of home décor and lifestyle goods inspired by Nordic countries.

My love for nature, wildlife and boundless forest is the vision for the original collection.

The idea toward the Vikings & Norse gods came from my husband. He calls me his shieldmaiden which (Old Norse: skjaldmær) was a female warrior from Scandinavian folklore and mythology. Vikings were not a big part of Finnish culture and history, but it is a big part of Nordic history so I have included some elements in my collections.

I am looking into our daily lives to find innovation for the products Nordic Luxe carries. In my view, there is a beauty to be found in even the most simple, everyday tools.

All Nordic Luxe candles are hand poured in here QLD with love.