NeNe & Bop

My vision: To make wearable art that's accessible to all.

All my products are handmade and crafted with care in my North Brisbane studio.

All designs have been inspired by my personal journeys including travel, teaching and becoming a mother to two very energetic bundles of beautiful craziness.

My pieces have a quirky edge and explore colour and texture to give a tactile and practical experience.

Each bag design is multi-use, whether it be reversible to have a bag change in seconds, or a clutch that doubles as an iPad case.

I design my pieces to be pretty, practical and unique.  Each one of these elements plays an important and profound part in our design aesthetic.

I am a passionate creative who enjoys working with textiles, ceramics and canvas.  I'm a professional daydreamer whose mind is always swimming with ideas.  

My vision is to keep grounded to the simple things, energise handmade and consider thoughtfulness in each stage of the design and creative process.

I welcome commission work and wholesale orders.