Little Concrete Jungle

Little Concrete Jungle was created out of a love of plants and polished concrete. Each piece is created through hand pouring, sanding and sealing with low VOC sealant. One style of pot has been created as the perfect size to sit on an average window sill so that you can have your own natural world in any room of the house. The ability to hold a piece of nature within the house not only creates a sense of harmony but also has many other benefits such as cleaner air and a reduction of toxins within the home.

With so many beautiful interiors encompassing old reclaimed wood, industrial styling and polished concrete floors it was only natural to create pots, tea light holders and bowls out of concrete to compliment them. The warmth that emits from the tea light holders creates a lovely glow and it feels lovely to have such an industrial material inside the home.

The entire range is priced so that everyone can enjoy them. Now everyone can have their very own Little Concrete Jungle.

Bring the outside in!