Lemonade These

My creative journey started at an early age when my grandmother would care for my brother and me during the school holidays. We were 'lucky' enough to wake at 4am to join her at the flea markets where she sold her handmade items. Skip forward 15 years and my Nannie was sharing her knowledge of the rocks, crystals and minerals she collected over a number of decades. For more than 10 years I was once again waking at 4am to go to various Gem Shows across south east Queensland.

Always looking to learn and experience more, and a passion of frocking up for Melbourne Cup, I thought I’d try my hand at making fascinators. Surely it can’t be too hard… Now, I definitely believe ambition is very important, however in this instance I'd bitten off a little more than I could chew. Not one to be defeated I took stock and decided to start smaller and build up a suite of skills. Earrings, lots and lots of earrings were made in a very short amount of time. What does one do with hundreds of pairs of earrings? Setup a market stall of course!

Expansion of my product range has seen the creation of necklaces, children’s tutus and chiffon kimonos (with the help of my wonderful mum’s sewing machine). My products vary and don’t stick to a single design or theme, which is reflective of my style. With more plans to broaden my skills even further finding an extra hour in the day may be required....

Leanne xox