Lava is a one lady band specializing in textile design using traditional and modern Shibori techniques which originated in Japan. Most of the textiles are dyed with pre-reduced indigo which comes in a crystalized form.   Indigo traditionally goes hand in hand with Shibori and has been used all over the world for thousands of years.  You will also find amongst my collections pieces dyed in other colours using natural fiber reactive dyes which create a contrast and compliment the indigo blue pieces.

I like to experiment in textile design, so you will be surprised by some very exciting designs created from using ice dyeing techniques.  These cannot go in the indigo vat, so are dyed using fiber reactive dye colours. 

I love to use natural textiles such as cotton, linen, silk, hemp, and blends of these.  Depending on the product, and season I choose the best fabric for it.

Once the magic has happened with the textiles I create home and fashion accessories such as cushions, table linens, bags, scarves, and more.  Always introducing new ideas and designs for you.

"By embracing the beauty of human error, every piece is one of a kind"

You can find Lava at Brisstyle events and other boutique markets in SEQ.  I also trade on Etsy and via direct message on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, where I will notify you of upcoming events and reveal some work in progress and behind the scenes images and anecdotes.  The Lava studio is situated  in Greenslopes, which is very close to the SE freeway and easy to find, so I welcome visits by appointment. 

Custom orders are also welcome.