La La Lea

Hi there! I'm Leanne, Lea to my family and friends, and I'm the creator and maker of all things La La Lea. I work with colourful fabrics and washable paper to create unique handmade bags and paper pots. Everything is handmade by me in my home studio in Brisbane. Washable paper has been around for ages, and I love working with a product that’s a little different. It’s strong, durable, eco friendly, vegan friendly and it softens and wrinkles just like leather. And the fact you can wash it is fabulous! It has its challenges - once you’ve stitched that hole there’s no going back if you make a mistake! But the contrast of the leathery, wrinkled paper with the colours and patterns of the fabrics is really unique and I just love it. I'm looking forward to adding a Pop of Colour to your outfit and some brightness to your day with one of my Unique Handmade Bags!