Lady Brass - Steampunk Garnishes

LADY BRASS Steampunk Garnishes - Steampunk inspired Earrings, Lapel Brooches, Hair Slides, rings, Fob Chains, Top Hat Garnishes and more


I'm an Assemblage Artist in Sculpture, Pottery and Crafts
I love SteamPunk and am enchanted by the costuming and finery worn.

I'm completing my Fine Arts at the Brisbane Institute of Art and I've recently completed my Welding Cert at TAFE.
My work was also recently displayed at the Brisbane Square Library in the Brisbane City Council Tip Shop Competition. 
I've had a love affair with SteamPunk for a long time now and am enchanted by all aspects of the genre.

So now I'm bringing some of my art skills together to the making of SteamPunk Garnishes and Wears for your enjoyment too.