Kelly Bates

Hello! My name is Kelly and I'm an established handmade card maker living on the northside of Brisbane. I am well known for my bright, fun modern designs and specialise in 3D and interactive cards - which do sell out quickly at every market I bring them to!

I'm on the design team for Paper Rose Studio (based in Adelaide), I teach card making classes occasionally and get up to all sorts of paper-crafting fun outside of that.

I adore being a card maker, it’s certainly taken me a long time to find the career that was the right fit for me, but now I can’t imagine being anything else. The joy, comfort or love a card can convey to someone can’t be replicated.. every person is different and so that’s why every one of my cards is unique. Some may look similar on the surface, but each has their own little touch of something that no other card does.