Hi, a little bit about myself.  Originally I started out making and selling leather handmade handbags, and also studying printmaking at Adelaide University.   

In 2012 I moved to Brisbane and did an introductory course in ceramics at Redcliffe Pottery Group, and have not looked back.  My studio has change from beautiful smelling leather to a dusty clay filled space….which I love!!

Over the last couple of years, I have participated in various ceramic courses at the Brisbane Institute of Arts and am now an active member of the local Redcliffe Pottery Group Inc. This is now where my heart is, and I spend my days designing and creating ceramic pieces that I hope you will love.
I only work with porcelain clay, porcelain clay is valued for its crisp whiteness, smooth texture and its translucency.  Currently I am creating floral porcelain works and small porcelain vases. I love creating small delicate pieces that highlight the feel and look of porcelain. I enjoy creating a boutique florist feel with vibrant coloured flowers that never die or fade.

I have also started producing delicate porcelain jewellery as I feel the characteristics of porcelain perfectly lend itself to this artform.