Intuititive Nesting

Intuitive Nesting is a brand new, one-woman, small business, which I run out of my home studio.  I handcraft one-of-a-kind ceramic homewares.  Each unique piece is individually nurtured from an initial artistic idea to a three-dimensional form, and is carefully decorated, glazed and fired. 

My pieces are all made from white stoneware clay. All materials used are food safe, oven safe and dishwasher safe, unless otherwise stated in the description of the individual item. For example, the following materials are used on a few of my items: feathers, other decorative additions on my original fascinator vases, gold luster, and/or mother of pearl overglaze. 

Bowls are made on the potter’s wheel, other items are hand-sculpted, and a few pieces begin in moulds that I have personally designed and created (such as the spherical base of my fascinator vase range). You will see that none of my creations will be ‘perfect’, as they are not mass made by precision machinery. However, I can promise you that even when I use a moulded base shape, each piece will be painted and decorated differently and in this way, there will only ever be one (unless of course the item is part of a set). Also, each of my fascinator vases has a unique name, chosen once she is completed. No name will be used twice.