Fox and Dollbaby

Fox and Dollbaby is an art and design company at the forefront of the Australian pop culture landscape. Our beginnings revolutionised freehand/digital art culture in Australia when it launched 7 years ago. Since then I've brought out 200 special edition prints, 8 new Limited Edition prints for curious minds – and have also released calendars, cards and am about to branch out even further into a different realm just in time for Christmas. As a respected company with a global audience both online and offline, I make the kinds of things that elicit squeals of delight and furrowed brows of intrigue from my loyal fans. Whether retro-inclined or cool nerdy, we champion quality design, authentic content and distinctive workmanship. My artwork covers the breadth of the pop culture creative landscape, featuring movie stars, Super Heroes, Science Fiction, Fairy Tales, Horror, Creepy movies, Cult favourites, Music, history and adventure. We believe that buying art should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and inspired; excited to adorn your walls by creating a story in your home; or to feel elated that your gift is hands-down the best gift. We strive to be genuine, fun, contemporary, funky and different in everything we do. And I guarantee you, they’ll fight for it when you die.