Flying Carpet Bags

Why do I use REAL CARPET to make my Flying Carpet Bags?

I love handmade items. I have always loved historical bags and shoes. I like the idea of a link to the past using styles that were fashionable at the time. 
About 25 years ago I bought my first REAL CARPET bag from Camden Market in London. At that time there were a lot of handcrafted items at the Market and I fell in love with the place. I spent many weekends there browsing amazing stalls run by such incredibly talented people. 
My original carpet bag accompanied me to many countries over the years, but eventually I lost it. Ever since then I have harboured the intention of making myself one.
I was recently living in the Middle East, the home of many beautiful carpets. On one of my shopping trips to the 'Carpet Souq' the idea came to me to try and use a real carpet to make my own bag. Once I finished the bag I had so many friends that fell in love with it and asked if I could make them one that I realised genuine carpet for bags is the real deal, and what people want. That was the beginning of Flying Carpet Bags.
I now work from home in a well set-up sewing room with everything at my fingertips. I buy as much local materials as possible, including the leather. The carpets are shipped from the Middle East as and when I need them. It is so exciting to finish each and every bag and see how beautiful it looks.