Bow Keep

Bow Keep - for lovers of timber, bows and sustainability

Hi there and welcome! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of handmade goodness, first to introduce myself;

I'm Dani, maker, dreamer, lover of slow fashion, handmade and timber, the sole owner of Bow Keep and the little bundle of joy and sparkles that crafts these beautiful pieces for you to enjoy and share with your friends and loved ones.

I craft unique, quality and loveable hair bows, accessories and propagation stations from sustainable timbers in my home workshop right here in Brisbane.

Looking for a unique gift? My range is not only ethical, sustainable and handmade its unique and best of all locally made



Below are some places you can follow me and find my range

I frequent the Brisstyle markets so make sure you look out for me and come and say hi, I love to chat and meet new friends

See you soon

Dani xo