Kablooie Store

Kablooie clothing is an eclectic mix of vibrant colours and prints that you can style your own way.  The styles are simple so your child can shine!  Dress them up or down - go over the top gorgeous or low key casual. Create your own look for your little people with Kablooie!

Kablooie kinda means an explosion, a splat or a splash.  Kablooie clothing is an explosion of colour and fun!! Gorgeous handmade skirts and shorties for girls, Cool shorts for boys.  Handmade awesomeness for your minis!

Kablooie was born out of my burning desire to create children's clothing using fabrics that are vibrant, interesting and never traditional.  When I couldn't find what I wanted, I just made it myself!

As a mum of three, I understand the importance of practical and simple clothing for active kids.  And I think this can be seamlessly combined with fun, funky and on trend designs that make both you and your minis happy.

Polka Dots?  Yes! Giant shiny gold ones!  Summer prints... flowers...birdies?  Naw - go bold pineapples! Tropical Rainforest! Christmas party skirt -  shiny Metallic Copper would be perfect!

Every item of Kablooie clothing is made to order, and handmade by me, in Brisbane, Queensland.