21 Degrees North Jewellery

I started crafting jewellery over 10 years ago. 

It was a part time passion that cured a full time creative lust in me. 

The beauty of Hawaii, the ocean, beaches and marine life have always been my inspiration from day 1. 
Like fashion, my style has changed over the years, but I've always stayed true to my beginnings. 
Creating beachy, ocean inspired jewellery is still my passion and the creative aesthetic I strive to achieve.
I love finding ways to create jewellery that's simple, fashionable, pretty and easy to wear.

Professional photographer Alicia Ward stated that my jewellery is 
" The perfect combination of raw and feminine. Like an oyster shell, It's got the gorgeous mother of pearl inside, but that rough edge to make it not-too-dainty"

They say you take the girl out of the island, but not the island out of the girl...... Now living between Oahu and Brisbane Australia, I want to bring a little bit of my Hawaiian home to the land down under.