** myclectic **  is my interpretation of eclectic.

The myclectic label gives me the freedom to expand and try new materials in my creative journey.

This journey has led me to the lushness of leather. 

Almost all the leather I use is recycled in some way.

Part of a pre-loved stash and on occasion I have had the utmost pleasure of discovering an opshop garment made from leather that is worn and damaged yet ready to be taken on a new journey using scissors, needle and thread.

I just LOVE to reuse and minimise waste. 

Every piece of leather is unique. And this is what I love about using it. The piece actuall y dictates the finished creation.

And of course, once made up into a clutch, purse, tassel or bag, each piece has it's own personality.

I find that using other's leftovers not only reduces waste but adds an element of mystery to my next creation. 

All items under the myclectic label are designed and produced by me in my home studio in Brisbane, QLD. With most materials sourced locally.

Occasionaly I still dabble in small runs of comic book jewellery but leather work is my first love.